Adrian Loch receives Best PhD Dissertation Award from TU Darmstadt

Adrian Loch (Picture by Felipe Fernandes: Dr. Loch is second on the right), a Post-Doc Researcher at IMDEA Networks working in the Wireless Networking Group led by Joerg Widmer, has received the Best Dissertation Award for a doctoral thesis within the Computer Science Department at the Technical University of Darmstadt, in Germany. The award is given in recognition of his outstanding academic achievement in the area of Computer Science. Loch defended his thesis in March last year, joining IMDEA Networks immediately after.

The Association of Friends of the Technical University of Darmstadt yearly awards prizes for outstanding scientific achievements. In 2016 each of the 13 departments at TU Darmstadt has been awarded a prize for the best dissertation of the year. The prize is coupled with a promotion to the doctoral supervising institutions or academic disciplines at the university. In this manner, the Association promotes science and research at TU Darmstadt with a contribution of 65,000 euros. Each of the prizes given was worth 2,500 euros.

Since 2007 our head of KOM, Ralf Steinmetz, is also Chairman of the Board of IMDEA Networks, and a member of its Scientific Council. In 2015 he joined the Institute as a Visiting Professor and also occupied a Chair of Excellence at University Carlos III of Madrid. See the Interview below for more information about IMDEA or visit their website.